Special Seminar on April 15th, (E-104, 15:30)---Steven H. Liang (Harvard Medical School)

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嘉 宾   Steven H. Liang (Harvard Medical School)

题 目   Fluorine-18 and carbon-11 PET chemistry –Cutting-edge technologies for diagnosis and drug discovery

时 间   2015年4月15日 星期三 15:30-17:00

地 点   E-104
This presentation will focus on novel approaches to prepare PET radiopharmaceuticals for new targets to image the human brain, which can also be applied to image several oncology targets. We aim to show the intricacies of developing PET radiopharmaceuticals from "bench to bedside", and cutting-edge translational technologies for preclinical and clinical PET imaging. The discovery from bioactive molecules to PET radiopharmaceuticals and our aspiration to work towards the ultimate, albeit impossible, goal in the field: to radiolabel virtually any target molecule for PET will be raised as points for discussion.