Hongkui Deng
  • Hongkui Deng

  • Principal Investigator, Changjiang Professor
  • Tel: +86-10-6275-6474
  • Email:hongkui_deng@pku.edu.cn
  • Web:http://web.pkusz.edu.cn/deng
  • Education & Experience

    2001 – present        Professor of Cell Biology, Peking University
    1998 – 2001            Director of Molecular Biology, Viacell, Inc. Worcester, MA
    1995 – 1998            Aaron Diamond Postdoctoral Fellow, NYU medical Center
    1990 – 1995            Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
    1980 – 1984            B.Sc., Wuhan University

  • Awards & Honors

    1995         Aaron Diamond Fellowship  
    2000         Cheung Kong Scholarship
    2001         Natural Science Foundation of China Awards for Outstanding Young Scientists
    2005         Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    2006         Lilly-Asian Scientific Excellence Award
    2010         Sanofi-Aventis / Cell Research Outstanding Paper Award
    2013         WuXiPharmaTech Life Science Outstanding Achievements Awards
    2014         TanJiazhen Life Science Award

  • Research Fields

    1.  Cellular reprogramming
    2.   Stem cell and regenerative medicine
    3.   Stem cell engineering
    Figure: Direct differentiation of human embryonic stem cell into functional hepatic cells (A) and pancreatic beta cells (B).

  • Selected Publications

    1. Fang R, Liu K, Zhao Y, Li H, Zhu D, Du Y, Xiang C, Li X, Liu H, Miao Z, Zhang X, Shi Y, Yang W, Xu J, Deng H. “Generation of naive induced pluripotent stem cells from rhesus monkey fibroblasts.” Cell Stem Cell.2014, 15(4):488-96.
    2. Du Y, Wang J, Jia J, Song N3 Xiang C, Xu J, Hou Z, Su X, Liu B, Jiang T, Zhao D, Sun Y, Shu J, Guo Q, Yin M, Sun D, Lu S, Shi Y, Deng H. Human hepatocytes with drug metabolic function induced from fibroblasts by lineage reprogramming. Cell Stem Cell2014 ;14:394-403.
    3. Hou P, Li Y, Zhang X, Liu C, Guan J, Li H, Zhao T, Ye J, Yang W, Liu K, Ge J, Xu J, Zhang Q, Zhao Y, Deng H. Pluripotent stem cells induced from mouse somatic cells by small-molecule compounds. Science. 2013, 341(6146):651-4.
    4. Shu J, Wu C, Wu Y, Li Z, Shao S, Zhao W, Tang X, Yang H, Shen L, Zuo X, Yang W,Shi Y, Chi X, Zhang H, Gao G, Shu Y, Yuan K, He W, Tang C, Zhao Y, Deng H. “Induction of pluripotency in mouse somatic cells with lineage specifiers.”Cell. 2013, 153(5):963-75.
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