Prof. Hendrik Luesch from University of Florida visited SCBB

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On April 8, with the invitation of Professor Ye, Prof. Hendrik Luesch from University of Florida visited SCBB again since his first visit in 2011 and gave a lecture titled “Natural Products from Marine Cyanobacteria as Starting Points for Drug Discovery and Development”.
Prof. Hendrik Luesch has been focused on the research of marine natural products, especially on the marine cyanobacteria and their secondary metabolite. He also combined his interest in marine natural products chemistry with genomics and proteomics approaches for the discovery and characterization of potential drugs and molecular drug targets.
In recently years, Prof. Hendrik Luesch and his team have found a series of novel natural compounds with anti-cancer activity. In this report, Prof. Hendrik Luesch showed some natural products discovered in his lab including “Largazole” case by case. He introduced their main work on natural products isolation, structure determination and research on bioactivity. He also emphasized the efforts and explorations on the modification and studies on structure-activity relationship, which made our students and teachers benefit a lot.