Prof. Robert Charles Malenka visited SCBB

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June 20, 2016, Prof. Qiang Zhou invited American Academic of Science Prof. Robert Charles Malenka to give us a talk on E104.

The title of the talk is ‘Molecular mechanisms of AMPA receptor delivery during LTP’. LTP is one of the most important mechanisms of Neuroplasticity, but the molecular mechanism of LTP is still unknown. Prof. Malenka focus on the molecular mechanisms of LTP for many years, his group use molecular and electrophysiology method to research on the AMPA receptor trafficking underlying LTP, and his research suggest the postsynaptic complexin binding to SNARE Complexes is required for LTP. At last, He said science is really very hard and the only reason why you still in science is you really like to do the research.(Written by Zhiting Gong)