Prof. Dr. Yangling Mou from Tongji Medical College of HUST visited SCBB

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On June 22, 2016, with the invitation of Professor. Qiang Zhou, Dr. Yangling Mou from Tongji Medical College of HUST give us an excellent lecture titled “NMDAR-mediated modulation of spine development in the adult hippocampus”.
Professor Mou has worked on the structure and functional plasticity of brain for many years. She aims to explore how the synapse connection be formed and pruned during the development of neuronal circuit, and she also studied the interaction of neurogenesis and learning memory in adult hippocampus. In this lecture, she gave us a story that has published recently in Elife.
They designed a new virus that can specifically target on the newborn GCs in DG.With the Cre/Loxp system,it can knockout the NR1 subunit of NMDAR in the newborn GCs. In that case, they focused on the spine development to study the NMDAR-mediated modulation. They found that whether the neuron is immature or mature, NMDAR has a role in spine formation and function. What’s more, they came up with a new model suggesting that NMDAR might inhibit the AMPAR mobility from cystolic to membrane in immature and mature neuron.(Written by Lulu Yao)
Profile for the speaker:
Prof. Yanling Mou received her Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology from UC Berkeley, and she carried out his postdoctoral work at Salk Institute between 2007 and 2012. In 2014, she was elected as a member of “the Thousand Talents Plan”, and became a professor in Tongji Medical College of HUST.She has published more than 20 papers as the first or co-author in the Neuron,Nature Neuroscience,Elife,Journal of Neuroscience,Cell,Nature,Nature medicine,Cell Stem Cell,PNAS.