Special Seminar on September 10, Monday Morning

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嘉宾:Dr. Maria Schlangen (Technische Universität Berlin)
题目:Metal mediated C-N bond coupling in the gas phase
时间:2012年9月10日 11:00~12:00


Thermal C-N coupling processes mediated by transition-metal complexes have been investigated in gas-phase
experiments combined with computational methods, and mechanistic aspects and elementary steps of these
ion/molecule reactions are described. Three mechanistic variants of C-N bond coupling reactions are presented:
 i) M(CH3)+ ions of the zinc triad react with ammonia in an SN2 reaction under C-N coupling, yielding
protonated methylamine, CH3NH3+, and neutral metal; in contrast, the cationic amides, M(NH2)+, do not
afford C-N bond formation in the reaction with methane. ii) NH2+ transfer from Ni(NH2)+ to ethene takes
place in the reaction of Ni(NH2)+ with C2H4 thus forming N-protonated ethylideneamine; in addition,

dehydrogenation of the substrate under C-N bond coupling and Ni(C2,H4,N)+ formation  is observed as minor

reaction channel. iii)  a high valent iron-nitrido dication [LFeN]2+  is capable to undergo N-atom transfer to
1,3-butadiene as well as to act in an unparalleled thermal nitrile-alkyne metathesis reaction with alkynes to
generate RCN.