Special Seminar on October 12th, Friday Afternoon

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题目:Minicircle: A Promising Nonviral DNA Vector For Human Gene Therapy
时间:2012年10月12日 14:00

Abstract of the Talk: 

Minicircle DNA is a circular transgene expression cassette free of plasmid backbone sequences. These vectors were widely used in preclinical studies due to their 10- to 1000-fold enhancement in transgene expression compared to standard plasmid vectors in long-term transgene expression in vitro and in vivo.  The speaker will present: (1) the discovery of transgene silencing effect mediated by plasmid backbone DNA, the observation that triggered the development of the minicircle technology; (2) the technology in making these trimmed-down DNA vectors; and (3) the latest version of technology the “Minicircle Factory”.  Presented also will be the progress in DNA delivery field and the perspectives of these nonviral DNA vector systems in human gene therapy. 


Background of the Speaker: 

Zhi-Ying Chen, Professor, Director of the Research Center for Gene and Cell Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Advanced Technology Institute (SIAT). He graduated from Zhongshan Medical College, worked for years as a medicine doctor, received his Master Degree in Medicine in Guangxi Medical Collage.  Since 1986, he worked as a visiting scholar in University of Toronto, as a postdoctor in University of Washington in Seattle, and as a senior scientist in Stanford University in US.  He took a PI position in SIAT in January 2011. He was the leading researcher the first time in the world  discovering green tea’s effect in anti-chemical carcinogenesis. He was the leading inventor of the famous minicircle DNA vector and took part in the development of the technology of minicircle base iPS.